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Five Day Road to Wellness Program in Lady Lake, Florida

Last month, Wellness Secrets was in Lady Lake, Florida, and we did a five day road to wellness program that was similar to our 5 day health retreat in Decatur, Arkansas. Our guests participated in hands on cooking classes, listened to health lectures, ate wholesome, vegetarian meals, exercised, and attended optional morning worships.

This is what one participant said about her experience:

Here are a few pictures from our program:

Ann-Marie Scott made caramel popcorn with our guests during one of our four hands on cooking classes.

We ate breakfast and lunch together. Most the the meals we ate were from our hands on cooking class.

Sheri Trueblood led out in a menu planning class. She also led out in planning the cooking school and doing the food preparation each day.

This guest was eagerly taking notes during Sheri Trueblood’s menu planning class.

The man speaking went through our five day health retreat in Decatur, Arkansas and told our guests about his wonderful experience. He loved it so much that he encouraged his daughters to come to our program in Lady Lake, Florida. Hear what he had to say.

Click here to watch a video describing our traveling health education program in more detail.