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Wellness Secrets’ January 2013 Trip to Hobe Sound Florida

Like last year, Wellness Secrets did a 5 day lifestyle program in Lady Lake and a weekend seminar in Hobe Sound, Florida.

For the second time, we went to the New Allen Temple A.M.E. church to do a weekend health seminar. We shared about making positive lifestyle choices, kitchen medicine, a very simple waffle demonstration, emotional intelligence, and about the relationship that a clear mind has upon our spirituality.

One highlight was the Dr. Neil Nedley’s emotional intelligence quiz that Ann-Marie Scott, RN, gave the church members on Sunday morning. Ann-Marie Scott asked church members to pretend that they saw the imaginary people that were mentioned in the following questions. This quiz is modified slightly because originally, those who took the test saw the people pictured. Please answer the last four questions of this 20 question quiz.

Question 17:

Ellen the girl in pink (on a picture). What do you think Ellen is thinking?

A. Bored
B. Hopeful
C. Stressed
D. Cannot be determined, or None of the above
E. Don’t know.

Question 18:

Stacy is the one in red with her hand raised (in a picture). What do you think she is most likely thinking at the time this picture was taken?

A. Disgusted
B. Excited
C. Sad
D. Cannot be determined or none of the above.
E. Don’t know

Question 19:

What do you think Steve is most likely thinking at the time this picture was taken?

A. Neutral
B. Sad
C. Amused
D. Cannot be determined or none of the above.
E. Don’t know

Question 20:

Imagine that Ellen (the one in pink on a picture) is returning from a visit with her boyfriend where he has unexpectedly broken up with her. Knowing this, which one of these most likely expresses her emotions:

A. Sad
B. Furious
C. Neutral
D. Cannot be determined or none of the above.
E. Don’t know.

In this standardized EQ test, the best score for those last four questions would have been E. If you put E, you get 4 points. If you put D, you get 3 points. If you put A, B, or C, you get 0 points.

Mind-reading (of the list of 5 of 10 cognitive distortions):

If you put A, B, C, you get zero points because you were engaged in “mind-reading”, and mind-reading is a cognitive distortion.

We are engaged on mind-reading when say:
“I know what you’re thinking.”
“You’re only saying that because…”
“You know what I mean…”
“You would never do that unless…”
“I just know they are talking about me right now…”
“If she really cared, she wouldn’t do that…”

According to Dr. Nedley:
1. Studies on mind-reading have show there is a 1 in 4 chance you’ll be right with strangers or those you don’t know well.

2. Studies have shown that women and men are equal on their ability to read the minds of other people.

3. If you have a relationship with a loving spouse, you’ll be right about 4 out of 5 times. However, if you can assume that you can read someone else’s mind that you know very well – and you definitely think that you know that – there is a 1 out of 5 chance that you are going to be wrong. That will significantly adversely affect that relationship.

Ann-Marie, RN, is pictured speaking on emotional intelligence.

She also talked about kitchen medicine.

Franklin demonstrated how to make his simple, tasty waffles.

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