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Wellness Secrets’ January 2013 Trip to Lady Lake Florida

Like last year, Wellness Secrets did a 5 day lifestyle program in Lady Lake and a weekend seminar in Hobe Sound, Florida. Learn about our 2013 health program in Lady Lake Florida below.

Guests enjoyed our worships, plant based breakfasts and lunches, hands on cooking classes, walks, stretches, health lectures, and natural remedies demonstrations during our 5 day program, which lasted from 7:45am to 3 p.m. daily. At least 21 people attended this program each day.

They had fun in our hands on cooking classes.

People prepared meals at different cooking class stations.

They experienced a variety of tasty, wholesome plant based meals each day.

Ann-Marie Scott, RN, is pictured giving a natural remedies class.

Wes led out in stretches.

Please watch our memory video of our time at Lady Lake.

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