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David Grams’ PSA Lowered After Coming to Wellness Secrets

David Gram’s PSA had been climbing since 2011 into the mid to high 5s. He had his blood work done two times this year before his doctor told him he had a 30% chance of cancer. Thankfully, his PSA lowered after coming to our health retreat. After one 3 week session at wellness secrets, his numbers reversed back to a 3.99 PSA level.

David Grams’ PSA Lowered After Coming to Our Health Retreat

This is what David Grams recently said about Wellness Secrets on Facebook, November 7, 2014: “Hello one and all! I’ve been largely silent in recent times, mostly because I’ve been down in Arkansas taking medical treatments for an enlarged prostate and high PSA number. Without belaboring the issue, let me say that in just three weeks of treatment, my climbing PSA number from the last two blood tests in March and June has suddenly (at my last blood test Tuesday) been arrested and turned back! Truly wonderful!

Now, for the ‘rest of the story’…this startling turnaround happened because of the unique quality of my treatments. What were they? Water! Yep…just plain old water, professionally and carefully administered. Here’s how: For 5 days a week I took a hydro bath “fever treatment” where one’s temperature is slowly brought up to 101 or 102, held there for a few minutes, then dropped back, followed by a “sweat bath” which consists of being wrapped like a mummy in sheets and blankets for an hour after the treatment. Then, I get up, take a shower, and am ‘good to go’ for the rest of the day! (Sometimes I rest a bit more as it IS tiring in a good sort of way)

You can be sure I’ll be going back down to Arkansas for what ideally is a six month cycle of three weeks ‘on’ and two weeks ‘off’ treatments. Ever since my college roommate, about 30 years ago, took ‘fever treatments’ at Uchee Pines Institute for his “death sentence” of melanoma, I’ve always thought in the back of my mind that if I ever needed really invasive treatments, I’d try the fever treatments for sure! And oh…my friend? Well, as I earlier stated, his fever treatments were about 30 years ago and today he’s a happily retired man who enjoys life, his family, and all accompanied with good health!

By sharing my story I’m not even ‘suggesting’ what other’s should do, unless they feel so constrained. I’ll just say that God is so good in giving many people these insights and thus alleviating a great deal of misery without ‘side effects’…

If you would like to evaluate more for yourself, just log onto ‘’ and ponder for yourself…In the meantime, you can count on this old timer’s loud and vociferous anthems of thanks to God for what some would call ‘simple treatments’!”

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