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Former Health Guests’ Outreach to the Community

On December 20, 2014, Don and Carol Graber, two former health guests, sent us this e-mail about their outreach to the community:

“Hi Wes:

Happy Holidays to you, Pearl, and all the staff at Wellness Secrets. I hope everything is going well at Wellness Secrets. I just wanted to let you know what is happening here. Out of the clear blue about a month ago my lovely wife (Carol) sat down at this computer and wrote an email to Marge, who is the treasurer/ organ player/ Sabbath School teacher at the church. Carol has a lot of experience as a leader and laid it out on this email that was sent to Marge. Carol told Marge she would like to start an community outreach program hopefully to help our church grow. Wes, our church is so small and the members are all getting up in years; if we do nothing, it is going by the wayside within 3 years. Man did she start something!

It went over BIG and to our amazement we got about 80% participation! Everyone loved this idea. Carol, Marge and I went to a nursing home just a few blocks from the church to find out what their needs are and also to the elementary school to see if their were families that were in need of help. Both stops were a success. We meet every Thursday for two hours. They made lap ropes for the nursing home and contacted a mother of four that is in need of help. One boy of 8 years didn’t have a warm coat to go to School, now he does. Carol has a new sewing machine that does all these neat things like sews letters, so she sewed Seventh-day Adventist Church on each one, which was pretty neat. She also has made things for all members in the family…Also, we have a doctor and his wife (a nurse) that have a office in Napoleon that wanted to do something. The office help went shopping so we have a lot to deliver tomorrow!

By the way, the mother of four, that we helped, has been heard telling other people how the Seventh-day Adventist Church is helping them.

Yes, that is what it is all about!

–Don and Carol”

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