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Wellness Secrets’ 2016 Florida Trip

What did our two interns, Derek Sauter and Lauren Wright, think about our 2016 health seminar in Lady Lake, FL?

Derek and Lauren participating in an herb class at Wellness Secrets

Derek Sauter’s Florida Trip Experience:

Derek Sauter: “My internship with Wellness Secrets began with a trip to Florida. Leading up to the 5 Days to Wellness we had a week of various health lectures, a cooking class, and two health expos.

I thought it was a very good lead-in, which allowed us to become familiar with people from the community, and them with us. I was responsible for one of the several booths at the health expos and really enjoyed helping people discover their health age and learn tips on how to keep themselves younger. That initial week led to more than a few people coming to the 5 Days to Wellness and receive a great time learning, trying recipes, enjoying great food, and making friends.”

Derek helping with a hands on cooking class in Florida
Derek helping with a hands on cooking class in Florida

Lauren Wright’s Florida Trip Experience:

Lauren Wright: “Wellness Secrets’ Florida health outreach was a great way to start my internship and a priceless introduction to the medical missionary work working hand in hand with the Great Gospel Message.

Having just met the team in a hotel lobby following the GYC youth conference, we rushed off to Lady Lake, Florida for a month of community health and lifestyle re-education.

3 Weeks of Community Health Programs Before Our 5 Day Health Seminar in Lady Lake, FL

The very first day consisted of letting the community know of the vibrant and informative programs which were about to take place. The programs for the first three weeks dealt with the well-being of the whole man, with topics such as kitchen medicine, domestic violence, cooking classes and health expos. Though this was an extremely busy time, it was most definitely fun! And what better way to learn than to be put to work! These community health programs brought us in contact with so many beautiful people and we were not only glad to be sharing invaluable information with them, but to be able to build lasting and meaningful friendships.

It was the 3 weeks of community health programs which was impactful in recruiting participants for the 5 Days to Wellness lifestyle program- the climax of our month of health in Florida. Through collective worship sessions, the daily sharing of 2 tasty and nutritious meals, cooking classes, health lectures, exercise and natural remedy classes, together we were able to return to the foundation of healthy living and learn of God’s desire for us to live abundant lives!

This experience certainly illuminated the great value of building relationships. If it were not for the 3 weeks of health programs, the 5 Days to Wellness lifestyle program would not have been as fruitful. The vast majority of those who were in attendance came due to becoming acquainted with the team at a prior appointment and felt comfortable enough to spend a full 5 days with us. Truth: People tend not to care about how much you know until they know how much you care!

Truth: People tend not to care about how much you know until they know how much you care!”

Breakfast at Wellness Secrets’ Florida program

Wes Stabel lecturing in Florida

Without a doubt, my highlight of the whole campaign was to hear one of our new friends share “I learnt to pray, and I’m looking forward to learning more about Jesus”. This not only showed me the physical benefits of sharing God’s simple health care plan, but of its power to introduce searching individuals to our Saviour.”

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