Guiding People Toward Healthy Living Since 2002

Wellness Secrets is committed to helping people achieve their highest level of mental, spiritual, and physical health. Our goal is to help our health guests effectively manage a wide variety of medical issues. To achieve that, we provide them with strategies on how to manage stress and overcome depression

Our Program

While undergoing our wellness program, you will stay at our guesthouse. You will then perform various activities aimed to improve your lifestyle. These include attending health lectures and undergoing hydrotherapy.

Wellness Enrichment Activities

We begin each day with positive uplifting devotions that our guests can choose to attend, as we believe that faith is an important part of living a long and vibrant life. Enjoy plant-based meals and learn how to make delicious, vegetarian dishes through our hands-on cooking classes. You can expect all this and more for only $850 for your full five-day stay.