Offering a Variety of Treatments in Our Wellness Program

5 Day Health Retreat

In just five days, you can be well on your way to reversing diabetes or heart disease, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, losing weight, managing stress, stopping smoking, boosting your immune system, and much more naturally. No “magic pills,” gimmicks, or health fads are involved, simply sound lifestyle principles that have been proven to work. All that is needed is your commitment to following our time tested lifestyle program.

Our live-in-program is educational and very practical in nature. We have daily health lectures, one-on-one consultations with our nurse and vegan cook, and hands-on vegan cooking classes. This enables our health guests to implement a better lifestyle as a habit when they return home.

Hydrotherapy and exercise are also an integral part of our program. Hydrotherapy, water treatments, that are done at Wellness Secrets include whirlpool baths, steam baths, hot packs, multi-head shower, and other therapeutic treatments that greatly benefit various ailments. Exercise has proven to be the best and affordable “miracle cure” for heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and much more. Guests will enjoy the fresh clean air and beautiful scenery while taking advantage of our walking trail. We also have the option of in-door exercise equipment when the weather is not inviting. Your health is worth the investment of this affordable five day live-in program. Come and experience a health care plan that really works.

Two Week Intensive Program

Our Two week Intensive is a jump start to eliminate the health issue you’re facing. Along with your lodging and amazing therapies you will experience the life changing effects of a 2-week raw food, sprouting and juice cleanse including wheatgrass. With the two-week Intensive, your body will be flooded with life-saving nutrients. Then, by improving the immune system through detoxification, disease is over-come and health becomes a reality.

This healing regime can eliminate old injuries and ailments you may be facing. As your detox deepens, your body will have more energy than you expected. Finally, as your body eliminates old toxins you will have mental clarity and a feeling of overall well-being.

Please join us here at Wellness Secrets. Give us an opportunity to work with you to create your own healing experience.

The 5-Day Program cost: $850.00

Included with the 5-Day Retreat Program is:

  • 1 Colon Hydrotherapy
  • 3 Hydrotherapy Sessions
  • 2 Nutritional Skin Typing
  • 1 Herbal Counseling with $50 store credit
  • Complete Lodging and Food Program

The Two Weeks Intensive: $3,200

Included in the Two Week Intensive is:

  • 3 Colon Hydrotherapies
  • 6 Hydrotherapy Sessions
  • 2 Nutritional Skin Typing
  • 3 Hyperbaric Chamber Treatments
  • 1 Herbal Consults with $100 store credit
  • Complete Lodging and Food Program

Local customers not requiring overnight accommodations will get $300 off the 5-Day Retreat and $600 off the Two Week Intensive.

Medical Missionary Training

Learn more about our medical missionary program:

Call us at (479) 752-3883 or e-mail us at to be contacted about our next medical missionary training.

Spiritual Health Week

Details About Spiritual Health Week

Spiritual Health Week is a great opportunity to strengthen your walk with the Lord and enjoy meaningful, Christian fellowship in a positive, healthy, peaceful, environment. During this week, we have a theme for study; in the past, we have had an emphasis on being born again, the ten virgins, and the narrow way.

The day starts with morning worship and a hearty breakfast fit for a king, consisting of whole, plant-based foods. After breakfast, there is a group morning stretch, and then we are ready to dig into the morning’s topic. A staff facilitator will present that day’s topic, give some study questions, then the time is turned over to the participants to go back and study using their Bible and other inspired Christian writings.

After a couple hours of study, individually or in small groups (whatever the preference is) we break for the hands-on vegan cooking class. This activity is always a lot of fun, and above all, the participants have found it to be very helpful in giving them practical ideas on how they can incorporate healthier recipes into their diets when they go back home.

We have exercise time following the class. Guests can walk on our quarter-mile trail or in the surrounding quiet neighborhood. By this time we are ready for lunch. Following lunch and a light stroll we meet again in a round table forum to discuss the gems of study that were discovered during the morning. We have been told by the many that have attended our Spiritual Health Week how the study and discussion time has done more for them then just listening to a sermon or lecture because it has caused them to be more interactive.

Sharing what they had learned in the morning has helped them to retain the information and even deepen the impressions the Holy Spirit convicted them of during the study time. After the round table discussion, there is free time for prayer, fellowship, quiet time with the Lord, reflection, etc.

The evening classes are a worship of praise and encouragement. The purpose of our Spiritual Health Week is to draw people closer to the Lord, bring revival and preparation for His soon coming. We would urge you to make time for this life-changing week.

Call us at (479) 752-3883 or e-mail us at to find out more details.